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Pool Config

Pool Type:
Minimum Payout:
Pool Fee:
Deadline Limit: 31536000
Block Payout Delay: 4 Blocks
Tx Fee:
nAvg 360
nMin 1

How to mine?

Set pool as reward recipient
  • Put your account secret passphrase there (the one you use to login into your wallet)
  • Set reward recipient to
  • Click submit
  • Wait 4 blocks
Download and run miner
    Set poolUrl and miningInfoUrl to http://pool.burstcoin.ro:8080
  • Run miner

Quick Info on Effective Capacity and Historical Share

The pool will use the best confirmed deadlines of each miner from the last 360 blocks to estimate the Effective Capacity of the miners (minerPlotSize) as well as the total pool size (poolPlotSize) to determine the historicalShare of the miners:
historicalShare = minerPlotSize / poolPlotSize
The Effective Capacity determines the miners payouts from historical shares, so miners should work on optimizing their effective capacity. Under good conditions (fast scan time and good confirmation time from the pool) the effective capacity should somehow reproduce your real plot size but some deviation of 10-20% can be normal. If your effective capacity deviates significantly from your actual plot size, the first thing you can do is to optimize your targetDL. A good value to start with can be
targetDL = 720 * netDifficulty / yourPlotSize
You can use the calculator no the right to determine this targetDL for you. After adjusting your targetDL it will take 360 blocks for the effective capacity to converge. So be patient. If you are interested in more information, you may want to visit the info page.

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